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The Tren Twins are officially powerlifters, as they competed at their first powerlifting meet, but they are not bodybuilders, as they have yet to do a bodybuilding show. As the video goes on, they mention they’re starting their prep soon. Greg Doucette posted a video today discussing their PED cycles. Do you believe they’re telling the truth ? Or are they lying?

If I was going into my first powerlifting meet like them, with only a couple days notice, I probably would just compete at my natural weight. I’d want to go there and get good experience and not be stressed out or put myself at risk of an injury. However, they decided to do it without even practicing or knowing the rules, which is what led them to getting disqualified.

If you’re preparing for a powerlifting meet, the last thing you want to do is deplete yourself this hard without any preparation, because it’s really going to destroy your strength, and will put you at risk of injury. When you’re doing your first powerlifting meet, you’re going to be very nervous, which is also going to cause an inflammatory response in your body. However, they were able to get away with it because they’re very young and have extremely good genetics. You need to be prepared and hire a trainer or coach and know how to deplete yourself properly and safely.

The Tren Twins are very strong for their age, for their height, and for their weight, but the problem was they failed to prepare for this powerlifting meet. They failed to actually achieve the world records that they hoped to set. I don’t know what they expected going into this meet but I think they did very well for their first time and this obviously sets the bar very high for them going forward. Once they actually prepare, have a proper diet, have a proper training program, and know what they’re doing, then they’re going to blow these world records out of the books. 

What do you think? Are the Tren Twins going to be able to do something that we haven’t seen yet in powerlifting?