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IFBB professional bodybuilder Nick Walker is under 4 weeks out preparing for the 2023 Arnold Classic. In this video, we discuss how Nick’s stomach is not “distended” at all and I explain why bodybuilders have to do this when they pose from the rear.

Nick Walker looks amazing right now in his most recent updates, but Andrew Jacked is looking absolutely incredible as well. There’s also Samson Sauda and Shaun Clarida, who look the part. However, Nick, right now for me, is still the front runner.

What Nick Walker did was not a mistake, but actually what you’re supposed to do when you’re hitting the rear lat spread. If you want your lower back detail to come in, you have to arch your back and lean back. If you naturally do that without doing anything else, your stomach will stick out, especially if you’re Nick Walker at 300 plus pounds.

You’re supposed to flex and allow your stomach to look like that because it’s the only way you can bring out the details on your back. When you’re hitting the rear poses, the judges can’t see the front and that’s how you make sure the pose looks as best as possible for the judges and fans.

Nick is doing very well at what he’s supposed to do in the bodybuilding shows, so if I was in Nick’s corner I would tell him to keep doing what he’s doing. No one is as consistent as Nick Walker in open bodybuilding. No one else is winning and dominating like Nick Walker is. Not many competitors are making the gains and improvements that Nick Walker has.

Nick can’t afford to be off. If Nick is off, any competitor could walk through and steal that first place title and prize money. This Arnold Classic has a very good lineup and Nick really has to show up on point and perfect.