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The world of bodybuilding has been rocked by a recent podcast featuring Dennis James and Bob Cicherillo. The two went head-to-head in a heated discussion over the physique of bodybuilding superstar, Big Ramy.

The discussion began with Bob posting a video criticizing Big Ramy’s physique, comparing it to a photo from 2013, which was not a fair comparison, according to James. James argued that Bob’s video was misleading, and that he should have taken more care with his editing. Bob, on the other hand, maintains that he stands by his previous video, and argues that Big Ramy needs to trim down and get his back and arms checked out before competing again. James counters that Ramy has already qualified and should take time off to recover fully before competing again.

As the discussion continued, Bob appeared to make some outlandish claims. He suggested that Big Ramy should weigh around 270 pounds, which is considerably lighter than his current weight. This suggestion was met with disbelief by James, who pointed out that it was impossible for Big Ramy to weigh that little without losing limbs.

The conversation became even more heated when Bob suggested that Big Ramy take time off to heal his body, implying that he was past his prime. James disagreed, arguing that Big Ramy was still a formidable athlete who could make a comeback.

Throughout the podcast, it became clear that Bob’s knowledge of bodybuilding was questionable, with James pointing out inconsistencies in his arguments. James also accused Bob of being dismissive of his questions and lacking accountability for his mistakes.

The podcast has sparked a debate in the bodybuilding community, with some fans siding with James and others with Bob. However, one thing is clear: the discussion has highlighted the need for more accountability and accuracy in bodybuilding reporting. Fans deserve accurate information and fair comparisons, and industry experts should take their responsibilities seriously. It’s safe to say, Bob is not a reliable source for bodybuilding information.