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In this video, we review what NOT to do when you lose a show. We see competitors competing for first and second place and when one of the competitors’ names doesn’t get called, he gets very upset. It seems as if he doesn’t want to accept the trophy and awards he’s being given as he’s indifferent to his placement. He keeps looking at the crowd to see if they can help him change the judges’ decision.


What he was doing was very unsportsmanlike and embarrassing to the sport. It’s very disrespectful to the judges, organization, promoters and fans. Whether it’s a pro or amateur show, he does not have any right to act like that. This shows that he had unrealistic expectations. You can’t always be the best no matter how hard you try, because in bodybuilding, all divisions are subjective and anyone can win. At the end of the day, it looked as if these two guys were very close and the judges went with the other guys’ physique. 


Even if there is some political shadiness going on behind the scenes, throwing a temper tantrum on stage isn’t going to do anything to change the outcome.


We then see him throw a box he was given as a reward, off the stage and then run up to it and punts it twice, which is very embarrassing. This was completely reckless. But for some reason the whole time he held on to the medal. How ironic.


Then, we see promoters trying to get him back on stage, but the video stops. All his stuff and belongings were left on the stage and he needed to go back on to get them and must have been very embarrassed after all that.


If he ever did that in the United States and disrespected anyone, he would never be allowed to compete again. This type of behavior should never be allowed and there should be a zero-tolerance policy.  


Watch the full video below!