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Four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler opens up about his opinion on the 2022 Mr. Olympia. We heard Jay speak about this on his YouTube channel with Milos Sarcev. They brought up what time the athletes went on stage, the backstage pump room conditions, and the quantity of athletes that competed.


Jay Cutler thinks that open bodybuilders don’t deserve to be waiting around for hours backstage and should be the first category to compete. They need to change this because pre-judging is their first time on stage that weekend, and the entire prep for that year all builds up to the moment they step on stage.


Iranian professional bodybuilder and the 2022 Olympia winner, Hadi Choopan is always shredded to the bone. However, even Hadi was off a little bit due to being backstage for hours and all the water coming out of him. 


The men’s open bodybuilding category should be the start of the show as it’s the most important. There has to be a specific time next year for men’s open bodybuilding so it’s not so difficult for them to prepare for it. Jamming everyone in one night is not the solution as there are too many divisions and will turn people off when running the show for that long.


Athletes were asked to be there hours before they went on stage, and waited backstage, which was the size of a studio apartment. Just like other professional sports, they have times scheduled when they will be playing and roughly when it will be over, which is exactly how the Olympia should be run. Every division should know what time they’re going to go on stage and they shouldn’t all be sitting backstage waiting. This is a poor reflection on the Olympia as everyone expects these athletes to look amazing and the majority of them don’t due to the stress they deal with backstage.

Watch the full video below!