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Dennis James had Chris Cormier, George Farah, and Milos Sarcev on the Muscle and Fitness podcast talking about Big Ramy at the 2022 Olympia. Dennis admits Big Ramy has injuries, but the reason he lost the title was because he was “flat.”


In the podcast, Big Ramy’s coach, Dennis James, admits that he knows Big Ramy has a pinched nerve in his back. Several times before this podcast, Dennis had denied that claim. Big Ramy has a bunch of issues with his physique and did not look good coming in on Friday at pre-judging. Ramy had knots on his glutes and his legs, back, triceps, and chest were even worse. With all those issues plus the pinched nerve, Big Ramy simply could not beat the guys that were there this year, as the competition was much tougher than in 2021.


In the podcast, we see Milo Sarcev being very straightforward with Dennis, mentioning that Big Ramy’s problem cannot be fixed. We have seen this happen to many guys in bodybuilding, causing their careers to go downhill. Big Ramy did not bring enough to the stage, and on top of that, his issues have gotten way worse this year. The judges of the 2022 Olympia set the tone for Ramy and his future, and pushed him down to only 5th when he easily could’ve been pushed out of the top 10. I believe next year if he shows up with these issues again, they are going to really push him down, so there is nothing to gain if he comes back. These issues, unfortunately, can’t be fixed.


Lastly, Dennis shows a bad attitude towards Big Ramy’s fans, when Dennis’ entire career has been built around Big Ramy. The past two years, Dennis has been posting Big Ramy and making sure he gets credit after Ramy’s Olympia wins, but as soon as Ramy lost, he was quiet. Dennis mentioned he had no influence and didn’t get involved, but he also said Chad called him and asked for his input on Big Ramy. He allegedly said that he was flat, but ”they ignored him”.


Which leaves us wondering. Is Dennis coaching Big Ramy or not?


Watch the full video below!