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IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Jay Cutler discusses Nick Walker entering the 2023 Arnold Classic. Jay Cutler also weighs in on what he thinks about Derek vs Nick.


Derek Lunsford is letting easy money slip through his hands by not joining the Arnold Classic. He would be competing against someone he already beat a few weeks ago. Derek also has never won an open show and he doesn’t have an Arnold Classic title, which should already give him a reason to do it. Plus, the prize money was increased to $300,000. 


Nick Walker has a very different situation. Nick did three shows last year and won two of them. He also placed third at the Olympia. Nick then regrouped, changed his coaches, and is now getting back to prep to win the 2023 Arnold. Nick seized this opportunity because he knows there’s a lot of money involved and he is more than likely the favorite coming into this show. 


Jay Cutler mentions he understands Derek in a way, as Derek wants to “put all his eggs into the Olympia”, and just recently collected $150,000. Derek is not necessarily a money-hungry competitor and is still fairly new to the sport. However, being a bodybuilder, saying you don’t care about money is a lie, as it’s literally their career’s goal.


Hany Rambod for sure knows what he’s doing, but Derek has already passed 99% of the bodybuilders competing right now and just placed second at the Olympia. When you’re an athlete, an elite competitor, and are hungry and want to win, you get out there and you do as many shows as you can. For Derek to sit on the sideline and watch someone else get the money and the title is a very dumb move.


If there’s anybody on the Arnold or Olympia stage when considering size, balance, conditioning, muscularity, and detail, it’s Nick Walker. Nick is very consistent  at every show, which is one thing a lot of bodybuilders are not. He can potentially even beat Derek Lunsford.

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