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Fitness influencers Jesse James West and Alex Eubank film a workout together and discuss Alex starting Testosterone Replacement Therapy, better known as TRT. The conversation unfolds by talking about all the struggles they have when they diet to get into shape. Alex stresses that he is ready to start his TRT journey.


From experience, if I could do things over, the last thing I would take at that young age is testosterone. Alex doesn’t need any more testosterone and he can honestly get away using natural testosterone boosters. As long as you’re young and you have never touched real supplements before, that’s the route you should explore first. The fact that he can’t maintain healthy body fat levels and feel good means there’s something wrong with his diet and something wrong with his recovery protocol. Nobody in their 20s that is healthy should feel tired, unless something is off hormonally.


Alex trains with the Tren twins and sees how much stronger they’re getting, how fast they’re recovering, and how good they feel. He’s going to feel like he needs to do that too, as it’s a form of indirect peer pressure without even realizing it. Just by being around them, it will rub off on you because that’s exactly what happened to me and most people I know.


Even though you’re on testosterone, you’re still going to feel like crap when you’re dieting hardcore. I suggest Alex or Jesse try anavar first, because it does not suppress your natural testosterone levels. Anavar is anabolic and it will help build muscle and create more muscle cells in the body. That’s exactly what the goal is when they’re going to the gym and eating the way they are. They want to build more muscle and get stronger, they also want to get bigger pumps in the gym, but testosterone is not going to do that, especially when you’re in your early 20’s. At that age, your free testosterone level is already through the roof. More testosterone is not going to give them any more results.    


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