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IFBB Pro Derek Lunsford, who placed 2nd at the 2022 Mr.Olympia, announced his 2023 schedule for appearances and guest posing.


I am sure the second place finisher at the Olympia would have a lot more guest posing opportunities if he had promoted himself better. I can almost guarantee that he would have more than one opportunity if he marketed himself better. If he marketed himself, he would have more opportunities to do guest posing events. I don’t know if this is Derek’s approach or Hany Rambod’s approach, but I disagree with that. I believe Derek should be out promoting bodybuilding and guest posing a lot, as he has the second best physique in the world right now. He should be promoting himself and the sport every weekend, collecting money, and showing off his hard-earned physique. 


Imagine Derek’s situation. He works with Hany Rambod, sponsored by his supplement company. The number one guy that beats you is coached by Hany Rambod as well, and also sponsored by him. Would you feel some type of way about that situation? This is the reality for Derek. In this situation, Derek would want to be the best and do everything he can do to possibly win. If your coach works with the number one bodybuilder in the world, then you’re going to have to work harder to overcome the possibility of your coach investing more time on the number one competitor.


Derek weighing in the 220s at the Olympia and getting second is amazing, considering Ramy had to weigh over 300 pounds, allegedly, to win the Olympia. For the first time in Mr Olympia history, we’re seeing a new type of athlete at the frontline of the competition. We’re not seeing the biggest guys winning the show, but the best physiques, as it should be.



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