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In this video, we cover why Big Ramy might have underperformed at the Olympia and also why Hunter Labrada is the most “picked on” bodybuilder of 2022s lineup.


In the Bro Chat podcast by FOuad Abiad Media, they start off by discussing Big Ramy’s show day early morning cardio. Typically, most bodybuilders back off on their training and cardio going into a show. If you’re ready, you don’t have to push things to the last minute, but if you want to be your best, you always want to be ready early. You don’t want to be doing excessive amounts of cardio or weight training close to a show, as cortisol levels are going to spike, and your body will tend to hold on to more water and your body will get an inflammatory response from the training and cardio. 


Doing some light training, circuit training, and cardio just to keep the blood moving as well as allowing carbohydrates through the body, keeping your electrolytes managed is fine, but I have never heard of doing an hour of cardio the morning of the show. Expectations are at the highest level in the Olympia. One example of this is Hunter Labrada.


Hunter Labrada came into the pro league very fast after placing in fourth place just two years ago. He set the bar very high. A lot of people had high expectations of Hunter in 2022. Going into the 2022 Olympia, Hunter said he was going to blow away the previous year’s performance. He mentioned it was his best package to date, that his back had come up and his conditioning would be better than ever, but I don’t think 2022 was a better package than 2021. It doesn’t matter how hard you worked or how much muscle you put on, it’s about who looks the best at prejudging and finals.


We have never seen another bodybuilder be able to accomplish what Hunter has accomplished while dieting the way he does. Being able to perform at this level with his diet is very impressive. However, once you don’t do well and you diet the way Hunter diets, you’re going to get a lot of criticism. The reason he looked subpar was because his diet was terrible. It’s not because he didn’t train hard enough or because he missed workouts or a meal. It’s solely because of the diet. Hunter is a very well respected and well-liked bodybuilder in our sport. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. At the end of the day, Hunter is doing what he loves, which is being one of the best bodybuilders in the world.