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IFBB Pro and 3x Classic Physique Mr. Olympia Chris Bumstead, otherwise known as “CBUM,” trains legs 1 week out from competing. He also gets his leg worked on by a therapist because of the quad injury he suffered a few weeks back. How severe is this injury? Will it affect his look come stage time?

In this video Chris mentions he is 246 lbs when he goes to bed. When being this lean, having no body fat and no water retention, there’s no way he is drinking or eating food to gain 6 lbs throughout the day. Chris probably weighs about 240 when waking up in the morning, and still has a lot of weight to cut.

Why did Hany Rambod wait until the last minute to pull off the extra weight from Chris going into peak week, knowing he has an autoimmune disease?

If Hany Rambod, Chris Bumstead’s coach, pushes Chris’ body way too hard to deplete the extra weight off his body, his body can potentially flare up due to the autoimmune disease. This is the last thing these guys want to happen to Chris 3 days before the show.

Going into the show we didn’t see a lot of Chris’ legs. Chris was hiding his legs due to his injury, but it looks like his legs did recover and will be ready for the Olympia this weekend. We notice in the video that the leg he injured has some blemish on it from the injury. Then, we see Chris getting work done on his leg by his therapist. They both mention how the look and shape of it looks different, and how they have been working relentlessly to make sure his leg is ready and 100% for the Olympia.

The last thing Chris needs is something to bring down his physique as the Classic physique reigning champion and title defender.

Watch my FULL VIDEO below to hear all the details!