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There is going to be an upset at the 2023 Arnold Classic in just four weeks and there’s only one person on my radar that can pull it off, IFBB Pro Andrew Jacked. I have a lot of confidence in Andrew this year only because he hired new coaches, Chris Aceto and Chris “Psycho” Lewis.

The 2023 Arnold Classic is developing into an amazing show this year, as we have 10 amazing competitors and six of those were in the top ten at the Olympia. This show is really turning out to be very competitive. Any of those six competitors that were just at the Olympia could easily walk in, win the show and the $300,000 prize money. However, I think it’s going to be very hard for a lot of these competitors to do that, as Nick Walker is the front runner and Andrew Jacked is still the guy that I think could upset Nick. When it comes down to it, the pressure’s on, and they get under those stage lights; there’s not many competitors that I have confidence won’t collapse under pressure. Andrew Jacked is the one that has all the tools to do this and possibly beat Nick Walker.

Andrew is bigger and harder than he was at the Olympia. He’s still got four more weeks to get better, so imagine what he’s going to look like then. Chris Aceto problem solves what an athlete struggles with and he gives them exactly what they need to make massive improvements. The way Chris is pushing Andrew in the gym is amazing, as he’s never felt anything like this before. The way Chris trains his athletes, he really knows how to isolate what these guys need to improve on. Knowing what an athlete needs to do in the gym and then making them do it is an invaluable skill that Chris Aceto is certainly a master at.