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Social media influencers Hasanabi and Bradley Martyn are reacting to IFBB Pro Nick Walker’s physique in a video. They analyze what it takes to be that big. Is it all steroids? Training? Diet? Is Nick Walker Natty? 

Bradley Martin did a couple shows as a men’s physique competitor when the division first originated and that was the end of Bradley Martin’s competition career. However, Bradley Martin was able to do other things in fitness without competing. Hasanabi and Bradley Martin go back and forth about Bradley’s competition history and Nick Walker’s name comes up and that’s where things really take a turn. They talk about how Nick’s genetics play a big role in his physique, but then Hasanabi gives Nick Walker a backhanded compliment saying, Nick’s too big and he would never want to look like that.

Then, they talk about Nick’s hairline and how he still has a full set of hair. I don’t know why he’s so impressed that Nick has his hair, as Nick is still in his 20s, but once you hit your 30’s your hair starts to recede and you lose it. I’m sure in a couple of years it’s probably not going to look as sharp as it does right now for Nick, as every bodybuilder usually loses their hair eventually or is forced to get hair surgery. Hasanabi mentions all the drugs he takes for his hairline, but complains about how his hair is receding. Meanwhile, he has a full set of hair on his head that most guys would kill for.

Hasanabi mentions he doesn’t drink protein shakes or use creatine, but says he doesn’t need them because he has a pound of shredded chicken daily. However, a pound of chicken is not that much food, especially when you’re around 6’4, a pound of chicken breast is not going to do anything for you. You’re not getting enough protein by eating 16 ounces of chicken every day. A lot of the time, protein powders work even better than chicken, beef, or egg whites because it’s isolate and your body can break it down much easier and faster.