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IFBB Pro & 2-time Mr.Olympia, Big Ramy and I had a long talk last night. I also spoke to his coach, Chad Nicholls. Yesterday, I released a video about IFBB Pro Mike Van Wyck seeing Big Ramy do cardio the morning of prejudging at the 2022 Mr.Olympia. The entire industry was baffled to hear this, but I got answers from Big Ramy and Chad Nicholls for us today.


In the first clip of my conversation with Ramy, I understand why they are doing cardio now. You can hear it in Big Ramy’s voice, he wasn’t making it a big deal that he did cardio and that it was something they always do. Big Ramy mentioned it was something he and Chad decided was OK. It wasn’t because they were panicking, or because something was wrong. After all, they won two Mr. Olympia’s. Allegedly, he has always done cardio right before shows, which I had never heard of, but you learn something new everyday.


I believe the reason Big Ramy is getting a lot of backlash is because his physique is not a hundred percent of what it was before. A lot of people think, because of that, it’s going to be very hard for him to win an Olympia or win an Arnold Classic. Especially competing against guys like Nick Walker, Samson Douda and Andrew Jacked.


Big Ramy mentions he does cardio because it relaxes his mind and makes him feel good, which he does everyday. Cardio is nothing out of the ordinary for him. That night before prejudging, Ramy got to bed very late so he told him to try to sleep because he needed him to look his best the next day. However, Big Ramy was not able to sleep as long as he wanted to, so when he woke up he did cardio. This is nothing Chad didn’t know about or Big Ramy did behind his back, as they both communicate on a regular basis and Big Ramy does not hide anything from Chad.


Big Ramy is not afraid of giving Chad Nichols credit. Big Ramy and Chad have two Mr. Olympia’s together and no matter what happens going forward, Big Ramy did what he wanted to do, as his goal when he got into bodybuilding was to be Mr. Olympia.