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Larry Wheels is well known for his insane strength at powerlifting. In this video, he trains with the Tren Twins. However, this time Larry sits out and lets them show off their insane strength on the bench press. Larry spots both of them while they try to attempt PR’s on the bench. Things get a little dangerous as they get closer to their top sets. Make sure you watch what happens! You don’t want to miss it.


In the first clip, we see them training on a straight barbell bench. It seems very easy for them. However, just because 135 LBS on the bench press is light for them, it doesn’t mean you should be jumping up by several plates. I don’t know what they did off camera and if they warmed up first, but if they didn’t warm up and they just jumped on the bench and started benching with a few reps of 135 lbs and then 225 lbs, then that is not a safe way to train. I would have made sure to warm up my shoulders with shoulder rotations to make sure my rotator cuffs were warmed up, warm up my triceps, my lats, and any involved body parts I’m going to use when training my chest. I would want to make sure everything is warmed up. It’s critical to warm up and to get blood pumping to the muscles before loading up a lot of weight on it.


Rest and your recovery time is important, especially when trying to PR in the gym. Make sure you have enough rest to train so you don’t get injured. If you go into the gym and you don’t have enough sleep, good enough hydration, or your diet’s off, then supplements aren’t going to really make up for that difference. I probably would not have attempted that PR. I would have waited until the next chest workout or when I had proper overall recovery leading up to the session.


What do you think about their training session?