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The former 2021 and 2020 Mr.Olympia, Big Ramy enters the 2023 Arnold Classic! He will be battling against Nick Walker, Andrew Jacked, William Bonac, Samson Dauda and Shaun Clarida for the title.


If Big Ramy doesn’t win this show, does it hurt his stock as a bodybuilder? What placing would be considered a win for Big Ramy?


I believe as long as Big Ramy can come back better than he was at the Olympia, even if he doesn’t win, that’s still very good for him. Ramy coming back better than he was in December would set the tone for the rest of the year because he will more than likely be doing the Olympia again. Big Ramy needs to fix some of the issues he’s having with his legs, back and triceps, and we have to see if these things can even be fixed at all. If Ramy shows up bigger and fuller, that’s going to be very good for him mentally as well. Ramy doesn’t have an Arnold Classic title yet and wants to redeem his performance in the 2022 Olympia.


Unfortunately, I do not think Big Ramy will be able to come back from his injuries and inevitable aging does not help. Eventually, you get too old to be a bodybuilder and your body starts to give out. This has happened to the best bodybuilders in the world over the last 50 years. Every bodybuilder starts off well, they’re on top of the mountain, then they slowly get injured, they slowly get older and they slowly start to have problems. These problems eventually take them out of their career.


The Arnold Classic lineup is not the craziest lineup, but there are six out of ten guys from the top ten at the Olympia doing the show. This show is anyone’s show to win right now. I believe Nick Walker is the front runner because Nick Walker won the Arnold Classic before and he was third at the Olympia. But you can never underestimate or count out the other competitors. After all, these are the best bodybuilders in the world and anything can happen.


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