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Head judge of the Olympia, Steve Weinberger appears on Prime Muscle TV for a special interview reviewing this year’s 2022 Open Class Mr.Olympia competitors. He reviewed Nick Walker, Hunter Labrada, Andrew Jacked, Derek Lunsford, Michal Krizo and more!

Is Hunter Labrada big enough?

Steve believes Hunter has done what he had to do this year. According to Steve, Hunter had to put on size in order to potentially improve his 4th place finish last year. Steve is basing his thoughts on Hunter’s most recent updates and guest posing in Mexico. The question now remains, can Hunter bring the size alongside the conditioning needed to level up this year?

What is Nick Walker’s potential?

Steve discusses how muscle-bound Nick is. What he may lack in shape, he shines in size and conditioning. Nick’s placing comes down to how much his shape has been able to improve. Has his V-taper improved? Has his waist kept the same size? Are his shoulders broader, enhancing the shoulder to waist ratio? Will we see a more refined Nick Walker?

Steve provides some insight into his Olympia judging metrics. He mentions that shape, symmetry, and proportions are very important and that one single measurement such as waist size does not warrant higher or lower placing. Shape, flow, aesthetics, symmetry, and balance outweigh mass and size.

Is Andrew Jacked going all the way?

Steve believes that despite the large frame that Andrew has to fill, he could be a top Olympian. More legs and more size are the areas of work needed for Andrew, according to Steve. If Andrew breaks the top 8 placing, he should consider that a win this year.

Can Derek Lunsford win the Open Title?

Steve was absolutely shocked when he saw 260lb Derek Lunsford guest posing in March. Personally, there is no way Derek Lunsford does not break the top 6 in the open division. This amount of progress, going from 212 champion to possible top 6 in the open division is absolutely incredible. Per Steve, Derek’s symmetry and balance makes him a danger to anyone in the open division.

Did Michal Krizo impress Steve?

Michal Krizo has shoulders and arms that Steve has “never seen before”. If he can bring his back to the same level, he can be a real threat to all the top competitors this year. Although his conditioning was not on point in Prague, if he nails his conditioning and posing, he can be a threat to all competitors except possibly Big Ramy. Top 10 is absolutely going to be Michal’s placing this week.

Watch my FULL VIDEO below to hear all the details!