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IFBB Pro William Bonac and Chad Nicholls worked together for his last few bodybuilding shows, the Arnold Classic and Mr.Olympia. William Bonac has been pushing the envelope for the last 12 months. Coach Chad wanted William not to do the Arnold, but William insisted on competing. 

William and Chad are on the same page. They pushed the diet too far for the Olympia and that’s why William wants redemption at the Arnold Classic. He’s also considering the fact that he took second last year to Brandon Curry at the Arnold Classic. William Bonac has a very good chance at winning in March. William is not trying to do any more damage to his kidneys and liver, so they’re trying to play it safe, not using orals and not pushing the envelope. William explains to everyone very transparently, that he’s fine and his bloodwork is perfect.

Chad Nichols cares about his athletes, he worries about their health, and he’s not trying to harm them in any way. Unfortunately, William Bonac did not have the best showing at the Olympia and this is exactly how bodybuilding works. You’re only as good as your last show. No one remembers what happened last year at the Arnold, which is why William is the underdog going to the Olympia. However, it doesn’t matter because William is going to come back better; there’s not really anyone William can’t beat.

In a private conversation I had with Chad about William Bonak, Chad said, the two main reasons I did not want to do the Arnold Classic were because of the prep and not wanting to push the orals. Orals ruined William’s appetite. He was unable to eat and push food, which really screwed him up at the Olympia. Chad and William just wanted to make sure they kept everything in balance.

Who else is excited about seeing William Bonac battling for the title in March?