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On the latest episode of “Bro Chat” on Fouad Abiad Media’s podcast, IFBB Pros Iain Valliere and Guy Cisterino get into a very heated discussion about the mens 212 division. They are arguing over whether or not the division should be kept or thrown out. Guy is a retired 212 competitor and Iain is a current open bodybuilding competitor. Fouad Abaid eventually breaks up the brawl!

I never understood how they just don’t keep the amateur weight classes in the pro ranks. That way, the competitors that turn pro actually have a place to go as professional athletes and they can all compete to win their title in their weight classes. We would then crown the best bodybuilder on the planet, because now everyone has an equal opportunity of winning. We could then do an overall at the Olympia instead of jamming everyone into two weight classes.

Iain points out that Derek Lunsford, William Bonak and Hadi Choopan are beating him. However, I would say 98% of the competitors that turn pro in the smaller divisions have no chance of doing that, so that is not a valid argument. I can’t imagine someone being this hard-headed and this stubborn to understand what these guys are trying to tell them and I really don’t understand Iain’s logic. Every sport is created for opportunity, no matter what sport we’re talking about.

The sport has to evolve or else it would have failed a long time ago, because there’s just not enough people on the planet that want to compete and look like an open bodybuilder. It’s not about feeling bad for people or giving everyone an opportunity, it’s about creating a sport with rules and regulations and weight classes that actually make sense. We have to keep improving the system so it continues to work and grow.