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Who are the Tren Twins? These newly viral influencer names are Michael and Christian Gaiera. They are former high school football players who decided to pursue a fitness career instead. Today, I reviewed one of their latest YouTube videos discussing their new sponsorship with Huge supplements and why they left Gorilla Mind.

The Tren Twins put on a lot of muscle in a couple of years, so clearly these guys are pushing the envelope with the super supplements and training. However, what are they trying to do with it?

Are they trying to be professional bodybuilders?

Are they trying to be powerlifters?

What is their goal?

They claim they don’t use trenbolone, which is hard to believe, but I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt. Why would they lie to us, as they’re very open and transparent about everything?

They decided to leave their sponsor, Gorilla Mind, for Huge Supplements. I can’t imagine they were with Gorilla Mind for that long, so I don’t know what made them leave. However,  there’ve been a number of very good athletes leaving Gorilla Mind for a new supplement company lately.

The Tren Twins got their YouTube plaque, as they hit a hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube. They act like it’s no big deal and then they put the plaque on the table and proceed to snort Huge Supplements pre-workout off the plaque. If you’re an owner of Huge Supplements and you just signed these two guys, how would you feel about that? I would be angry and never want them to promote any products ever again.