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The 2023 Olympia will be back in November and Iain Valliere did not place in the top 5, which means he will have to do another show to qualify for the Olympia next year. Iain does not have a lot of time.


In the podcast, Iain mentioned he reduced his sodium, food intake, carbohydrates and hydration and expected to have a better look Friday night at pre-judging. However, he did not bring the look he was hoping for at pre-judging. When talking about peaking your body, you are the only one that knows what’s going on, so if you feel your muscles are flattening out, there’s something wrong and you should fix it instead of ignoring it.


Iain did not look confident on stage when he came out to do his individual posing round. It looked like Iain knew there was something wrong with his physique. Iain was hesitating, shaking and very nervous, which, on top of the nerve damage, hurt him at the end of the day.


Next in this podcast, Fouad Abiad, Iain Valliere, Guy Cisterino and Jose Raymond discuss Andrew Jacked. They mention how amazing Andrew looked, despite them trash-talking his conditioning and size before the Olympia. It seems as if their opinions have changed a lot. They mentioned how amazing Andrew looked up-close and backstage and how he definitely has a lot of potential to be the next Mr Olympia. I have pointed this out multiple times in the past. Andrew turned pro in March and won two pro shows this year, one being the Arnold Classic. Andrew is a very dangerous title contender.


Then, Fouad and Iain both completely disregard Jose Raymond and Guy Cisterino’s questions about Chris Bumstead’s injury. Iain and Fuad obviously talked before the podcast, agreeing not to discuss it if brought up. This clearly shows something happened with Cbum’s  bicep and Iain doesn’t want to be the one to break the bad news again. The last time Iain talked about Chris, he leaked that he was working with Hany Rambod.


Watch the full video below !