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IFBB Pro Hunter Labrada competed in his 3rd Mr.Olympia last weekend. He dropped 3 places from last year. His physique did not improve and he had the same issues as last year.


In the 2022 Olympia, Hunter Labrada did not look his best and didn’t place where he wanted to. Hunter was very lazy and didn’t go see his coach for a check in the morning of pre-judging. In the video where we see Hunter posing, we are able to see body fat on his intercostals, glutes and hamstrings, which is why they were soft. There are no visible details in those areas because of body fat, which is a huge issue. 


At that point, Hunter could only do so much with his physique as it was Friday and about 10 hours before pre-judging. Hunter should have relaxed on the food and slowed down on the water intake. A lot of bodybuilders make the same mistake of continuously eating too much.


Unfortunately, bodybuilding is very difficult to do and it is very difficult to predict how you’re going to look on stage at a specific time, with all these outside variables. Hunter was truly not in shape here, and when you fail to prepare, you set yourself up to fail.  Once again, just like last year, Hunter was not lean enough.


In the next video, we see Hunter posing at pre-judging. As soon as he walked out, we were able to notice his tan was way too dark, he was off and was still holding body fat. Once again, his stomach and midsection weren’t tight, which has to be because of the way he diets. Hunter’s back still wasn’t the best and it seemed as if he had a pinched nerve there. He has no lower or mid back and no pop to his muscles, and has definitely major issues when he turns around. We notice the left glute is inflamed and has a very obvious knot, which causes an imbalance.


Can Hunter come back next year and actually fix the problems he perpetually shows?

Watch the full video below !