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Iain Valliere did not do as well as he wanted in the 2022 Mr.Olympia competition. There are issues with his physique, posing, and presentation. If he wants to do better next year, he needs to work with his Coach, Patrick Tuor and really iron these issues out, or else, he will continue to drop more spots at the Olympia.


Iain Valliere claims that his issues are not due to “nerve damage”. However, Iain used to have a very good back in his beginning years as a pro. Ever since then, his back and hamstrings have gotten progressively worse, which I believe is due to a combination of multiple things, including nerve damage. His posing was bad, his presentation wasn’t the best, but he has never been good at these things. Iain always mentions how he never practices posing and how he’s not good at it. Why would these issues be so much worse now when they were never good to begin with?


Iain mentions he was flat, but it looked like part of his back muscles were completely absent, which was very concerning to see. Any other time I have seen this in this sport, it was due to an injury and a pinched nerve. We don’t know how this injury happened, but clearly, Iain just thinks it’s due to bad posing and a bad peak.


If Iain’s presentation and posing were on point with the normal physique he usually brings, then he would have been in the top 7, like every year. However, he keeps making the same mistakes. His posing and presentation have gotten worse and he was flat, which moved him down a lot this year. Posing is one of the easiest things to work on. You can do it wherever and whenever.


The only way Iain can improve from this year, is by being honest with himself and setting some very strict guidelines this year. He needs to improve his posing and the body parts he lacks size in. Is this possible at this stage in Iain’s career?

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