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Leo from “Leo and Longevity”, a well-known fitness influencer and bodybuilder, passed away 48 hours ago, leaving the fitness community in shock. The cause of death was initially believed to be suicide, but new information has emerged suggesting foul play may have been involved.


I have taken this to my channel to share my thoughts on the matter and clear up any misinformation that has been circulating in the media. Many of the articles written about Leo’s death contain incorrect information and I want to give my followers a proper update on what’s really going on.


Tony Huge, another fitness influencer and close friend of Leo, made a video addressing Leo’s passing just a day after it happened. Tony had recently moved into a new home with Leo and gave him his own private wing, including a private bedroom and bathroom. Tony also built a professional studio for Leo to film his content in, but unfortunately, Leo barely got to use it before his passing.


Many articles have gotten the timing of Leo’s death wrong and they’ve been projecting that he passed away somewhere between four to eight hours before his body was discovered. However, after reviewing photos of Leo’s body, I am convinced that Leo did not cause the trauma to his head that led to his death. The bruises, fluid, stiffness, and discoloration of Leo’s skin are all signs of a body decaying over several days and that the only way for a body to look like this is if it has been laying there for several days.


I am very skeptical of Tony’s video, where he claimed that it would be impossible for someone else to have caused Leo’s death. After reviewing the photos, talking to investigators and reporters on the scene, I feel like there had to have been someone else in the room with Leo to cause all the damage. Leo had mental health issues, but I feel like this still doesn’t explain the extent of the damage found in the room and bathroom.


The cause of Leo’s death is still unknown, but an autopsy is being performed, and the results are expected soon. The fitness community are waiting anxiously for more information and hoping to get some closure on this tragedy. Leo was a beloved figure in the fitness community and will be deeply missed. May he Rest in Peace and his family and friends find strength through this very difficult time.