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IFBB Pro Classic Physique competitor Logan Franklin had to pull out of the 2022 Mr.Olympia due to health issues during his peak week. Logan finally opened up about what happened that week and who his new coach is going to be for the 2023 season.  


Unfortunately, Logan will not be competing in the upcoming 2023 Arnold Classic. I was really looking forward to seeing Logan Franklin compete in this year’s Arnold, which is just four weeks away, because Logan would have a chance to redeem himself and compete against Ramon Dino and Urs “The Miracle Bear” Kalecinski, who I think he’d match up really well against. 


I do understand Logan’s pain, as I actually went through something similar during my career. I was preparing for Nationals after I took second place and I did a bad Winstrol injection in my triceps about three days out. I had to pull out of Nationals and I was the frontrunner to win my Pro card that year, so that destroyed me. I couldn’t train for around two months after that because the infection got so bad it turned into muscle cellulitis, which was not fun to deal with.


Logan is balancing a newborn and he has a wife and that is a lot to balance when you’re trying to be a professional bodybuilder. I understand he wants to pick a show that is close enough to the Olympia so he can do the shows back to back and do one prep, as he doesn’t want to go into a prep and then have to come out of it, do an off season and go back into prep again. That will put stress on his body and stress on his family, especially after what he just went through. 


I think Logan’s biggest issue is he’s just not big enough. He does not have enough muscle yet and that’s maybe because he’s very reserved with the Super Supplements and he doesn’t want to put his health in jeopardy. He doesn’t like to push the envelope with PED’s. This is not my theory, this is factual, so maybe that’s why it’s taking him so long to put on the amount of muscle he needs. His upper body, his arms, his chest, his back and his shoulders are good, but he definitely needs more muscle tissue. When it comes down to Logan dieting for a show, he loses all that fullness and that “wow factor” that he had in the off season. Logan doesn’t have dense hard mature muscle yet and that will always be a major problem once you diet down to stage conditioning.