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Hunter Labrada, one of the most promising bodybuilders of the moment, has been making waves in the industry with a recent physique update. The first thing that stood out was the substantial difference in Hunter’s upper body. His muscle bellies are fuller, and his body has a lot more volume to it. As a result, there is more separation in his upper body, making him look even better than he did before prepping for the Olympia several weeks out.

Hunter’s waist also looks smaller, even though it hasn’t necessarily shrunk. The glycogen-loaded muscle bellies make it appear that way, which gives him a crazy V-taper that is mind-boggling. Hunter’s arms look thicker from all angles, and overall, he looks 10 times better than before.

Hunter’s recent switch to a whole food diet has been a significant contributor to his remarkable transformation. Hunter’s previous liquid diet was causing him to lose volume and fullness in his muscle bellies, especially around his waist. But now that he’s committed to a whole food diet, he’ll be able to bring his waist down while retaining the volume in his upper body and legs.

Hunter’s plan to do several shows this year before the Olympia is a very wise decision to build up confidence and ensure that Hunter knows what he and his coach need to do to perfect his peak week. To prepare for multiple shows and the Olympia, Hunter must maintain as much muscle as possible throughout his prep. That’s where the whole food diet comes in. Hunter’s body is now recovering much faster after hard training sessions, and he’s not as tired or sore. With proper nutrients from whole food sources, Hunter will undoubtedly look even more impressive in the months to come.

In conclusion, Hunter’s physique update is awe-inspiring, and his switch to a whole food diet is the key factor in his progress. With his plan to do multiple shows and the Olympia, Hunter’s decision to commit to a whole food diet will undoubtedly pay off in the long run. The 2023 Mr. Olympia is shaping up to be a wild one, and Hunter Labrada is sure to be a significant contender.