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Three of the youngest bodybuilders from last year’s Mr.Olympia are back this year to prove if they really deserve to be considered the best in the world. Nick Walker, Iain Valliere and Hunter Labrada.

Professional Open division bodybuilder from the United States, Nick Walker, had a lot of changes in his personal life this year. From coaching, to moving, and the sponsorship changes, will Nick be able to keep his mind focused on the Olympia? Nick’s physique still looks pleasing and looks like he picked up where he left off. It looks like he will nail it and has very good conditioning making a lot of improvements. In order for Nick to solidify a top five placing this year, he needs to show up the way he looked at the Arnold. His quads have gotten bigger, the shape on his quads have gotten better and his waist looks significantly better and more tight. The only problem is Nick’s back, if he is able to bring all the important things to his back poses, he will be very competitive.

Hunter Labrada, an aspiring bodybuilder and Labrada nutrition athlete from the United States, is working with a new coach. Last year Hunters’ conditioning was way off and he was holding a lot of water at prejudging. But, this year Hunter is very conditioned.
Can his coach Ben peak Hunter at the Olympia? Can Hunter keep his nerves calm and collected?

Iain Valliere, a Canadian Professional Bodybuilder who’s been involved in the sport ever since 2010, has alway qualified for the Olympia by winning Pro shows. Iain showed many improvements this year. His back, his rear double, his side shots and his his front
double was better. In his most recent pictures, Iain looks really good and bigger than ever. Iain knows how this weekend unfolds, how to control his nerves, what to expect and most of all he knows how to pose on that stage to make his physique look
really good. He is very consistent and always delivers on stage.

Do you think these three guys are making a memorable comeback?

Watch my FULL VIDEO below to hear all the details!