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The IFBB Pro League announced yesterday that they are doing away with the point system to qualify for the 2023 Olympia. Unfortunately, this will not fix anything as far as how many competitors are being qualified. In yesterday’s video we discussed Four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler’s thoughts on the matter where he suggests we need a tier qualifying system.


With the point system being eliminated, in men’s bodybuilding, it’s only going to remove about 3 people. There were 36+ competitors who qualified this year for the men’s open bodybuilding category. When removing the point system, it won’t really help that much. 


The Olympia moved up to November in Orlando for 2023, so there might not be as many competitors as there is less time and fewer shows, but there are still a lot of athletes qualifying. This change will only decrease the number of competitors by a few people, so there will still be way too many people qualifying for the best show in bodybuilding. 


I agree with Jay’s idea that there should be some type of tier system in place. They need to pick out about 20 shows and spread them evenly across the globe. Wherever there are competitions, there needs to be an equal number of shows to qualify, so there’s equal opportunity for everyone. It needs to be international as it has expanded overseas now and the last two Mr. Olympia champions have not been from the United States. The quality talent in bodybuilding has certainly expanded internationally in recent years.


Overall, this is not enough to make a real difference. Qualifying for the Olympia should not be an easy task. It’s much better if they earn their spot to compete there and there’s more to accomplish in order to get the privilege to compete with the best bodybuilders around the globe.

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