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In this video, we see Larry Wheels hitting a chest workout with IFBB Pro Joseph Mackey. They work all the way up to 200 lbs dumbbells. These guys are obviously known for their strength. However, what’s more impressive is Larry’s allegedly TRT only protocol. Somehow, he is pushing the same weights as IFBB Pro Joseph Mackey. Do we believe Larry Wheels is still on TRT only?

First we see Joseph Mackey’s set. His range of motion is not the best. Even though he’s controlling the tempo, which allows him to engage his chest a lot better, he does not have enough depth in his repetitions. Also, I would like to see him keep those dumbbells a little closer to his body, because going so far out is dangerous when he has 150 pound dumbbells in each hand.

So many influencers get injured working out with Larry Wheels, because they feel like they have to impress him due to his strength. They feel insecure working out with Larry, so they feel like they have to level up their game just to keep up with him. However, Larry’s allegedly walking around on TRT only but pushing the same weight if not more than the guys that are on every PED in the book?

The fact that Larry hasn’t pressed 200 lbs dumbbells in years and he’s keeping up with a professional bodybuilder, who is on way more than just TRT, is impressive. Larry Wheels ties with Joseph Mackey at four reps using 200 lbs dumbbells on the flat bench press. 

After watching this video, do you really think Larry is on TRT only?