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4-time Mr.Olympia Jay Cutler speaks about this year’s Arnold Classic Lineup. Jay talks about Nick Walker, Big Ramy, Andrew Jacked, Samson Dauda ,William Bonac, and Shaun Clarida. Jay Cutler also touches on how important money was when he competed in bodybuilding. 


Jay mentions that it wasn’t about competing for money in the early stages of his career. However, as he started to win the biggest prize money throughout his career, it quickly evolved and money played a more important role in his career. William Bonac and Shaun Clarida are competing in this year’s Arnold and Jay is still commenting on why Derek Lunsford did not do this show. Jay does not believe Derek’s claim that he doesn’t compete for money.


Nick Walker, on the other hand, is inspired and encouraged by the money prizes. Nick had already won the Arnold Classic, placed third at the Olympia and he realized it was an easy $300,000 for him. There’s only two other people on the planet that have beaten him this year and none of them are competing at the Arnold to cause him any trouble.


The Arnold Classic is amazing for any competitor’s career right now. Once you retire as a bodybuilder, having an Arnold Classic title under your belt does level up your reputation and more people are going to want you for guest appearances. Bodybuilding is very different from when Jay Cutler was competing, but when talking about branding yourself and winning shows, winning these big titles is crucial and all it does is solidify that you are one of the best athletes in the sport.


If Derek thinks he can win the 2023 Olympia, beat Hadi Choopan and Nick Walker, and beat all other competitors under him, then why can’t he win an Arnold classic right now? What could eight more weeks of dieting and preparing for a show do to your career that you’re so worried about?