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IFBB Pro Nick Walker and Guy Cisterino have a new podcast called “The Mutant and the Mouth.” In their latest episode they spoke about the steroid cycles they use and have used during their bodybuilding careers. 


Guy Cisterino mentions that for the most part of his career, his testosterone doses were between 500-600 mgs and he never went above that. I wish I could say the same, but my testosterone doses were way higher than 500 milligrams. He did compete in the 212 compared to the open division, so size is the main catalyst for dosages.


Someone like myself who oversaturated the receptors and did not come off them, meant my body actually needed more to actually get results. By not lowering my doses for so long, I had to keep increasing my doses at one point because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have made any progress. I raised the doses so much and put myself in the “danger zone”. Once you push the envelope too far, you start to experience kidney failure, liver damage, heart failure, heart attacks, blood pressure issues, cholesterol issues, etc. 


Nick and Guy spoke about what they used to do in the off-season versus what they used to do pre-contest. For me, those drugs were vastly different. The drugs and substances I use pre-contest I never touched in my off-season. The PEDs I used in my off-season were very mild compared to the doses and substances that I used when preparing for a show. 


One example is my use of Equipoise. In my off season, I used equipoise for bulking and for the increase in appetite benefit. However, during prep, calories dramatically decreased and I needed to lower my appetite. My appetite was massive when I used equipoise and that is why I would never use it when preparing for a show.


What do you think about Nick and Guy’s new podcast?