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Leo from “Leo and Longevity” was found dead living in Tony Huge’s House. Let me fill you in on some details about this incident.


Tony Huge probably had recreational drugs in that house. Tony was known to party quite a bit and if there were recreational drugs in the apartment and Tony was not there when the police arrived, his house was probably swept by the police for evidence as a dead body was involved. The police are looking for something to investigate the cause of death. Tony Huge is a lawyer and if he had been there, he would probably have cleaned up his place before the police arrived at the scene. Leo has a history with drugs and alcohol. He had abused both of them. We are unsure about any developments in this case and what the cause of death was, but the police said they’re going to be performing an autopsy later this week.


At only 24 years old, Leo was found dead in his bedroom. His room was a mess, there were items all over the place, blood found on the floor of the bedroom, as if someone had been there with him. Leo was only wearing a black shirt when they found him dead, nothing else. There was dry blood coming from his nose and mouth, which was very interesting because Leo loved to push the envelope when it comes to pharmaceutical drugs. He often used drugs that directly affect the brain, energy output, cognitive focus and overall health, so who knows what could have happened if he stacked multiple of these drugs together.


As a homeowner that has tenants living in the premises, if some sort of illegal event or crime happens in your home, you should expect to be questioned a lot. Whether it was the case of an overdose or an actual homicide, Tony is going to face a lot of questioning. The police are going to investigate what happened and what has been going on in Tony’s life. They will find out about Tony’s history, why he left the United States, and why he is in Thailand. Tony’s history will raise red flags. If I was Tony I’d be very very concerned.