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IFBB Pro Martin Fitzwater joins the blending chicken and rice movement! In this video, I break down why this is not a healthy approach and why you need to address the issue you have instead of making matters worse when dieting! 

This is a very stupid habit. Blending your food will hinder you from becoming a pro bodybuilder. However, elite genetics can cause some exceptions. Hunter Labrada and Martin Fitzwater’s genetics are so elite that even though their diet is terrible, they are still able to compete at the elite level in the sport.

Hunter Labrada is stopping this nonsense finally! Not by choice, but because it cost him three places at the Olympia in 2022. The minute Hunter dedicates himself to a proper diet without all the blended shakes in it, his entire physique will change and he will look monumentally better. Hunter Labrada was literally living on protein shakes & protein bars every single day.

Martin’s message in this video is terrible. Martin is preaching to a younger generation that aspires to be bodybuilders some day. Preaching that blending your food is how you become an IBB pro is asinine.  Blending your food because you cannot eat enough calories due to a digestive issue does not solve the problem. You’re still eating the same food that was causing an inflammatory response in your stomach and also foods that were not digesting well to begin with. It merely, if at all, masks it.  Just because you made it into a liquid, doesn’t mean you’re going to digest it better or faster.

In products like crystal light flavoring, there are chemicals that destroy your gut. 

I’m actually going through that problem right now. I’m in the process of fixing my gut the right way because I used to rely on Crystal Light and all of these artificial sugars and sugar substitutes in order to get my water down. Not only is Martin blending the food that was probably causing a problem before, but now he’s adding loads of sugar alcohol’s to the chicken and rice. That does not make things better. Overall, he’s making his diet worse instead of improving it.