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IFBB Pro Wellness competitor, Sunny Andrews, had a meteoric rise in the IFBB and the NPC. In 2020 on her first attempt, she turned pro at Nationals, and in 2021 she did seven IFBB shows and did very well, placing in the top six at her first Olympia. In 2022, she did four IFBB shows, including the Olympia, but unfortunately, at the 2022 Olympia she did not place, which is where her career really took a turn for the worse. 

The reason she did not place in the Olympia is because she used site enhancement products in her glutes to artificially enhance them. This is not allowed at the IFBB. Up until that point, she did seven shows in 2021 and did amazing. She did three shows prior to the Olympia this past year and did amazing as well, but what happened at the Olympia that she completely fell apart? 

When taking a look at the natural progression of Sunny Andrews’ professional career, her legs and glutes have always been very proportionate, she’s always had a very muscular physique. So what would create such an outrageous growth in one area of her body out of nowhere? She did three shows in 2022 and her glutes did not look like that, especially her gluteus medius.

IGF causes systemic growth in your body. When injected into your stomach, you inject growth hormone and it causes your entire body to grow muscle, not only where you injected it. The only thing that would cause localized growth as fast as it did is if she had some type of filler. She did a video posing five weeks out from the Olympia and her glutes have drastically grown since her last Pro Show, so clearly she got some type of procedure done weeks out from the Olympia. From the facts, it absolutely seems like she did some sort of procedure to artificially increase the size of the glutes.