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IFBB Pro Michal Krizo is making his first Mr.Olympia appearance this week! This is also Krizo’s first show ever in the USA! How will he handle all the pressure? Will he live up to the high expectations? Can he crack the top 10, Top 5 or even Top 3?

Slovakian bodybuilder, Micheal Krizo, is very dangerous. There are not many guys in the 2022 Olympia lineup that are going to be able to stand next to him and not get dwarfed. He is shown with a lot of detail and has a lot of strong posing.

Out of all the poses the weakest one for him is the front lat spread, which even that pose for Micheal Krizo is amazing. All of the poses such as the front double, the front lat, the side chest, the side tri, the most muscular, and the ab and thigh poses are all lights out for Micheal. These poses will give everyone a serious problem in the 2022 Olympia lineup.

As far as muscle goes he has a very good amount of muscle on his physique. He can very well make it into the Top 10. What’s going to separate Michael Krizo from going top 10 to the top 6 is the posing and the conditioning from behind. If he improves from the last pro show he won, then he will be in the top 6.

How prepared is he going to be this year at his first Mr Olympia?

This year at the 2022 Mr Olympia there will be a lot of bodybuilders in the lineup that will be very disappointed with their placement, as there are too many top tier guys.

Krizo’s conditioning is going to be much better, but did his back get better?

Micheal Krizos is going to have a huge advantage in this line up and is going to stand out, because of how much space he takes up. He has never looked this good and is definitely a Dark Horse coming into this competition.

Watch my FULL VIDEO below to hear all the details!