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IFBB Pro Hunter Labrada just competed in the 2022 Mr.Olympia and did not end up placing as he intended. Especially after a 4th place finish the year prior, he had his eyes set on another top 5 finish. Working with his new coach, Ben Chow, they failed to deliver as they hoped and ended up in 7th place. Hunter did an interview with “Muscular Development” and talked about his new coaching situation with Ben Chow. Hunter fails to give any credit to the coach that really created the magic with his physique, Bryan Troianello.    


Why would Hunter work with Ben Chow when he has all these amazing coaches within his reach? Hunter mentions that Hany Rambod has had a number of shows and years to work with Derek Lunsford and Chris Bumstead, which is far from the truth. Chad Nichols started helping Ramy in 2019 and they won their first Olympia in 2020. Hunter’s points are completely invalid and his claim that if he wanted to switch off coaches he would, does not make any sense at all.


Where’s Bryan Troy right now? Hunter was praising Ben Chow for doing all the things he did, but does he forget that Bryan Troy trained with him everyday, prep or not for years? Bryan Troy is the coach that literally helped Hunter Labrada come from nothing to everything. Hunter Labrada decided to go work with Ben behind his back at the Olympia two years ago.


Hunter bombed the Olympia two years in a row and was undeservingly given a higher spot twice. Ben Chow was secretly helping Hunter behind his real coach Brian Troy’s back and that’s how this relationship started. This was not because they had a nice handshake and they both went their separate ways, it’s because Ben and Hunter stabbed Bryan in the back.